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For fun loving freaks like me!

What a vibe! Oh my heart. Everything we planned (even with multiple changes on my part) was perfect! Fidel’s voice gives you an emotional response. You know when you see a sunflower and smile… thats his voice. I could listen to him all day! Thank you Fidel, for helping make my vision come alive.


Getting hitched eh?

Looking for a kick-arse wedding soundtrack?!

So you’ve scoured the depths of the interwebs hunting for a wedding musician that actually suits you?!

Someone who’s not playing Ed Sheeran’s latest greatest..

Otherwise you just got lucky! Either way, 

I’m glad you’ve found your way here!

Now, let me lead you to your musical wedding wonderland..

Wedding reception
Ben Mulligan Photography

G'day lovebirds, are you ready to celebrate?

I can be of assistance here my darlings!

Wedding Musician
Pierre Curry Photography

I’ve been performing at weddings for over 20 years..

I live and breathe music & entertaining, I just love it!

I can promise a personalised wedding experience,

unlike any other, that’ll be perfect for your big day! what can I do for you?


If you’re feeling a lil’ frisky you an always upsize to a large?  *comes with double bass & fiddle sauce.. drums on the side!

Alright honey, lets talk size...

Getting married & it’s just you and some loved ones? 

I’ll be there with bells on.. Let’s elope!

A knees-up jamboree, with the whole shebang? Or just the usual suspects?

Honestly, size doesn’t matter to me, It’s what you do with your party that counts!

If I’m stirring the right pot, & you think I’m your cuppa tea, hit that button, I’d love to chat!


Keep scrolling & get to know me a little more..

Honest to goodness

Short Sample Videos

No additives, frills or special effects. Raw, 100% organic good time music

"Hotel Yorba" White Stripes

"New Slang" The Shins

This beard loves your weird!

I swoon for Johnny CashThe Ramones, Dolly Parton, and the likes of Iggy Pop

I find so much joy in unexpected acoustic interpretations of all sorts of music including punk, indie, folk and even the occasional pop pearlers from artists like Whitney Houston or Alicia Keys..

Music shouldn’t be dull and beaten half to death, it should be fun!

I mean.. It’s gotta appeal to you and your people right!?

The set should be just as fucking cool as you are!

Kath Kim Nice Different Unusual


Let's make yours a party to remember!

An absolute bloody bop you’ll never forget..

Alright, are we ready? Just click the big pink link below..


I want to find out what music makes you tick.

Fill in just a few details, so I can get to know a bit about your fun-fantastical wedding plans..

 All so I can customise your wedding songs and absolutely make your day, or (k)night unforgettable!

You're still here, so you want someone who cares.. like a lot?

I’ve done many weddings over the last 20 years. I’ve done quiet ‘n cute, quirky, boisterous and rowdy and even the occasional crazed Viking wedding

I absolutely adore sweet little elopements, on a mountain top, a beach, a little backyard or lost in the middle of nowhere.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m the man for you!

Dance floor moves
Gold and Grit Wedding Photography

Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be, yeaaah!

You only get married once, make it your kinda shindig!

Give your day a lil Frank Sinatra/ Johnny Rotten it your way.

Want a singalong for the ceremony instead of that *yawn* reading from Corinthians? Can do!


Cool Wedding Entrance
Lucinda Goodwin Photography

I don't care if you're a little weird..

Roller Skate Wedding Entrance
Gold and Grit Photography


..Skip the traditional walk down the aisle and rIde in together on a tandem bike?

..Musical chairs instead of a first dance?

Roller skate down the aisle to a Ramones song?

Lets make a splash on your big day!

Pride Flag - Fidel Monk Wedding Singer
Indigenous ally - wedding singer

I acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians. I respect and value their cultures, identities, and continuing connection to country, waters, kin and community.
I embrace diversity and abhor all forms of discrimination. Everyone is welcome at my table and/or gig irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.