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Recorded April 2024 at Zac Barter’s Basement Studio (release 6/6/24)
Mixed, engineered, and mastered by Zac Barter

Fidel Monk
Fidel Monk: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Trumpet
Matiss Schubert: (AKA Russell Spiller): Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar
Mark Keogh: Pedal Steel Guitar (Rex)
Dave Steel: Slide Guitar (Winchelsea Blues)
Zac Barter: Double Bass, Percussion
Claire Johnstone: Backing Vocals
Jade Vivienné: Backing Vocals



Mud on my feet

Hard in the streets
Fair in the sheets
Light as feather
On them dancing feet

Rust the chain
Forgot my name
A seasick dandy
Through the old bass straits

Cornflakes might taste better now
But don’t you settle down
Dry spell gets wetter honey
Don’t you settle down
You can just forget her yeah
Don’t you settle down
Well everything gets better baby
Don’t settle down

Woke up in shadow
Broken and sore
Plank in my eye
Linoleum floor

Wallow in the willows
Mud on my feet
Otways pillow
Underneath the trees

Cornflakes might taste better now
But don’t you settle down
Dry spell gets wetter honey
Don’t you settle down
You can just forget her yeah
Don’t you settle down
Everything gets better baby
Don’t settle down

Well you hear the roar
Answer the door
O a mountain alone
Well you come back more

Think you know everything
Think you’re smart
Great dividing age
Tears us apart


Sitting by the river sighing reminiscing against a wall
When all us kids would dance all night in some Geelong West Town Hall
With black jeans, packed a suitcase full of winning smiles
In the perfume clouds of the gothic vanilla brides

Gritty songs and midnight choir and piano thump the sky
Sweating beer and dancing on all through the sleepless summer nights
Saloon bar rumbling full of beautiful sheep, yeah
Livin like it’s shark week, cos you could die in your sleep

Pokey little puppy’s all alone, alone, alone, alone
There’ll be no dessert when you get home, home, home, home
Just a little curious, looking for a bone
Well nobody’s fault
You’re just accident prone

Marsh-mallows burn, the world’s on fire, teenagers mosh and brawl
Bleeding ears, broken hearts, stutter words of love, b-b-b-baby can’t we have it all
Smokey den of mystery, singe our wings a bit while we dance yeah
Remember it like yesterday, my friends, I guess we had our chance

Stagger street at the zombie prom and we’re all just hanging on
Heading down the nash hotel we’re we keep on keeping on
Bleary eyes in beer disguise till the night is gone, yeah
Just having a ball and singing their dirty songs, alright


Kicking out the living dead, cause they can’t stay all night
Got jobs and wives to go home to, hail a taxi sing your lullabies, yeah, eh
With the vagabonds
Yeah the vagabonds
Just a havin’ a ball and singing their dirty songs


The air was gooey like Saint Louis
Where you played in sludgey bars
Sweet Fijian blokes and Ginsberg quotes
On guard with folded arms
An old trombone, stripped down kit
Sweet trouble quick as peppermint
Miserable without you near
It’s almost like you’re here

It’s a flimsy excuse you made
For why you wound up here
You should have stayed
At the top
But you wound up down here

Smashed another stage another dream
Time works hard, that mother’s mean
Vision blurs, upstairs is bare
Polished clean, old Mr Sheen
In the band room you forgot your bag
Fell asleep lips wrapped around a fag
Set that smokey place on fire
Every time you took a drag


Well you’re staring in cracks of mirrors
And you wake up with a shake
In the past you’re doing cartwheels
Yeah, endless with mistakes
Spent your dreams on Benzedrine
Baked as a birthday cake
Now it’s time to put your trousers on
And put away that snake


(this is the true story Bob Mancor told me about his mate Rex who was on the Bridge when it fell. He survived, freaked out and ran away to Queensland and they didn’t know he was alive till years later)


Swaggered like a Texan
We called him Rex, and

He was my friend 

Decent old muso 

Talked shit all night boozing 

Hocked his guitar 

For a night at the bar

Shook till he sipped

From his hip flask and sighed


There when the Westgate went up

And when she came down 

When the dust finally settled 

Rex was nowhere to be found 


His whereabouts a mystery 

Landed miraculously 

On a big slab of concrete 

Stirred up and shaken

Thought god was mistaken 

Took off running 

Up where the sun is 

Havin’ some fun and some lovin’

Drinkin that rum with someone



Woke up in Queensland 

Wonderin’ what it all means man 

Worked on a cane field 

Eating the same meals 

Took shots for lost 

Friends, counting the costs

Of candles snuffed out

Through screams
And through shouts


Worked on the scaffolds till 

He was pushing up daffodils

The old riggers they sing songs still
Sing for him now

An old mate, a workhorse
He’d never let you down



Devil sweats all night in this glistening heat
Country so dry, it’s a 1000 degrees
Pub close, lights switched off
A few of us chose to go out and get lost

Well we shed no tears cos we ran outta booze
This drought might last years but life won’t be refused
Friday night so we ran and we ran
Hit the mighty mighty Loddon with the whole damn gang

Rain makes corn grow, corn makes liquor
God I hope it rains so I can get drunk quicker
All need seed sown, bring the pitter patter
Gonna get wet Lord, sure doesn’t matter, yeah

Laughter won’t flow in a belly up river
Where does it all go if the sky don’t deliver
Pray for rain, for a love I can float in
If you play wedding games, hearts will be broken

Fly like moths, straight for the moon
Headlights get us lost and we think this’ll do
Now the holden won’t start, night’s bloody n’ dark
We imitate life, life imitates art


Well the summer dress flutters in the last of the breeze
Dawn coughs and stutters, bed calls to me
Trace tattoos, and silky smooth freckles
Sleep comes to you with the promise of breckie

Hello darlin it’s the man on the floor
Been in love with you since you first opened that door
Wait, hesitate, what the hell for
I’ve always wanted you, I think you wanted me more


Now you can’t sneak a sunrise past this old rooster
And these twinkle toes they don’t dance like they used to
You say love don’t hurt, but it does and i’m ready
I’m down in the dirt, now it’s raining confetti, yeah


Well they let the rabbits go down in Winchelsea
Yeah they let the rabbits go down in Winchelsea
Yeah, the Austins let ’em in, set the buggers free
Now we got a big ol’ fence through the red centre of the country
Stolen land
Free range penitentiary
Regret’s a fickle thing and I was born in Winchelsea

Moved to sleepy hollow, big city life for me
Yeah we moved to sleepy hollow, big city life for me
Waggin school getting cigarettes for the sweethearts that we’d meet
While brothers hung us from a coat rack, hurlin’ books so violently
Fire and brimstone
Spreadin’ disease
Well the scripture taught us nothing, except hypocrisy

Well I got work down ‘n dirty yeah a-makin ford cars
I got work down ‘n dirty, yeah a-makin ford cars
Sledgehammer, overalls and a union card
Strained paychecks through our liver at the railway bar
Well black as night,
Mmm covered in tar
Couldn’t drink the dirt away but we tried real hard

Yeah they let the rabbits go down in Winchelsea
Yeah they let the rabbits go down in Winchelsea
Yeah that muddy Barwon river flooded violently
Ah the sorrow ‘n the debris, from streets out to the sea
Gough gave back a little sand, eventually
In 1975, I was born in Winchelsea

(I wrote this song with someone in mind, but you’re welcome to direct the sentiments towards any villain you choose)

Well Ghandi wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire
And even Jesus crossed the road when you walk by
Saved the anchor, but you sunk the boat
And you’re smirking in the corner like you’re some big hero

You drew a line in the sand, made a fist with your hand
And you thumped your chest all over this land
You complain that no one understands
We understand, we just don’t give a damn

When you’re six feet below yeah, the earth is shaking
That pinebox is rattlin’ like a big old popcorn maker
And you hear that laughter’s reverberating
That’s just us dancing on your grave, yeah
It’s justice – dancing on your grave

Booked a bloody big venue for when you croak
And a big jumping castle and a fine spit roast
Pinatas beaten, effigies burned
And we’ll give you the send off your legacy earned

I bought cocktail frankfurts and champagne for us
To celebrate the day that you’re hit by a bus
You’re a plague, a virus, a scourge on the earth
May you choke on your lies and that’s just dessert


Well I bought you a card, we all signed it
A tiny plot and I hope you can find
Big plans for your demise
But don’t keep us waiting, it’ll ruin the surprise

Nanna knitted you a little sweater for your farewell
To send you off to the inferno of hell
She even planned a dance for the top of your coffin
Her only wish was that you’d die more often


Give a man a gun, he’ll rob a bank
Give a man a bank, he’ll rob the world
Thank you darling, but no thanks
I’d rather plant my garden, watch the marigolds unfurl

Roots are drugged, town’s full of thugs, shoots get shot
Suffocate without windows in a box
Librarians are communists and windmills are stopped
Under stars in withered circle crops


Yeah camouflage, jungle yard, branches, leaves, weed and bark
Little patch, steam-rolled into flats
Concrete moats, ‘n houses built so fast
Mother nature cries, n’ that itch becomes a scratch


Don’t get a lawyer, buy a judge
Fossil bones, Gina moans, over oil and rocks and stuff
Dad I dug a big big hole, now it’s filling up with sludge
Stock marketeers are shooting up


Yeah Rupert screamed at halloween, fairy tales and tax
As bunyips hunt in misty mallee shrouds
Sparks burst from my spleen, a catherine-wheel that can’t relax
All these cunning stunts will make some parents proud